The number one concern with lash extensions is retention. Lash retention is how long the eyelash extension will stay on the natural lashes before it falls out. There is no set duration set on the lashes because we all have different lash growth cycles. The natural lash shedding cycle is typically between 2-5 lashes per eye every day. So if that’s 3 per day, you’re losing 21 lashes a week! This is completely normal and healthy as new lashes take their place. As lash artists, we do everything to help ensure the lashes applied are on the full length of each client’s cycle. There are ways to help preserve your lash extensions such as cleaning them daily with a lash cleanser, refrain from rubbing or pulling extensions, no mascara/eyeliner, and steam/heat or water 24 hours after getting the lash extensions done. It’s important to allow the adhesive to cure fully. The adhesive is dry after a few seconds, which is why we can brush them after application, but the adhesive will cure in layers so plan showering and workouts before each appointment. It’s recommended to return to get fills 2-3 weeks. Anything after 3 weeks is considered a full set. The reason for this is because even though your lashes may still look good and full they will likely be grown out. During the fill process, the grown-out lashes are removed and replaced with fresh lashes. If you are past three weeks though more than 40% off your lash extensions will be grown out and have to be removed, therefore why it’s considered a full set.