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Hyperpigmentation Package


If you have sun-damaged skin or uneven skin tone you are looking to get rid of, then this package is for you! It includes 8 full-size products for home care and will consist of a facial, power facial, 2 lactic peels, and two TCA peels. We require one treatment (in most cases) per week for six weeks in order to achieve optimal results.

Anti-Aging Package


Our antiaging package targets fine lines & wrinkles while giving you a youthful glow. Take years off your face with our six-week facial boot camp. The package includes one treatment per week for 6 weeks. The boot camp consists of an antiaging facial, power exfoliation facial, 2 glycolic peels, 2 TCA peels, and 8 full-size products to use at home. Look your age? Never!

Premium Package


In our premium package, you pick two luxury facials of your choice, two chemical peels of choice (we assist based on your skin goals), and two microneedling sessions. The package can be used over several months times and never expires. A great way to save money if you are looking to start taking better care of your skin and would like to do the recommended one service a month.

Luxe Package


All of the best services in one package? Our luxe package treats every concern and consists of two luxe facials of your choice, two chemical peels based on your skin and concerns, two miconeedling treatments, and two Luxe Hydrofacial treatments. The perfect package to see major results and give you the gift of great skin.

Acne Package


Do you have acne you are trying to manage and get under control? If yes, then this acne starter pack is for you! Our acne facials are 60 minutes and include, a deep double cleanse, blackhead removal, an enzyme to penetrate deep into pores and destroy acne, extractions to speed up the clearing process, high frequency to help calm current breakouts and prevent future ones, blue LED light that destroys bacteria, and a detoxifying mask. This package is designed for the ultimate deep clean and acne elimination.

Facial Skin Tightening Package


Our facial skin tightening package consists of three treatments. The treatments can be done every three weeks and include our state-of-the-art radio frequency facial want with red LED therapy. Radio frequency boosts collagen production and helps to improve skin elasticity and red light therapy encourages collagen production of the skin as well. Each facial is 45 minutes and results will continue to improve after each treament. The perfect noninvasive subtle lift and wrinkle reducer that can customize based on your individual are of concern.

Basic Facial Package


This package includes five 45 minute facials. Each facial is customized to your skin and facial goals. These facials consist of a deep double cleanse, exfoliation with steam extractions (f needed), facial massage, and hydrating mask with an arm treatment.

Acne Scar Boot Camp Package


After acne is under control you can be left with scars as a constant reminder of your acne battle. We designed an acne scar boot camp for you that is 14 weeks long that has some amazing results. The boot camp requires one treatment per week for 14 weeks and 7 full-sized at-home products to use in combination of your weekly treatments. This package is effective with little to no downtime. It’s a commitment, but confidence in your own skin is worth it!